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Winterize Your Equipment

If your pump has failed (or in the event of a power outage) and your system is no longer pushing water, you may need to winterize your equipment.  The goal is to remove as much water from the system so it does not freeze inside causing damage. We would recommend winterizing if your power has been out over an hour.


Step1: Turn off the power to your pool equipment from the breaker or main power switch.

Step 2: Open main pump lid

Step 3: Pull all drain plugs from equipment; including, main pump, booster pumps, filter, heater and any other equipment that might hold water. (see common equipment images below)

Step 4: Open air relief valve on the filter.

Pro Tip: Place all drain plugs in the pump basket. This will help to prevent them from getting lost and will allow for easy access when you start pool back up.

Additional Freezing Weather Tips:

  • Do not try and backwash in freezing weather.

  • Please be extra cautious around slippery decks.

  • Watch your pets if ice does form on the surface of your pool.

  • If your pool equipment froze before had a chance to winterize, turn off power to your equipment and wait for weather to get above freezing and equipment thoroughly thaws before attempting to restart your equipment.

  • Make sure you have plenty of water in the pool. Even if you have an auto-fill you may still need to add extra water.

  • Make sure your main pool pump is running (booster pumps for the cleaner don't typically kick on with the freeze guard as there is a small amount of water flowing through them when the main pump is on.)

  • Make sure skimmer baskets are emptied to allow maximum water circulation.

  • Cover exposed plumbing with moving blankets and a tarp. Make sure the covering does not touch the motor.  

  • DO NOT cover a RUNNING pool heater.

Tip: It's a good idea to keep a spare hose in the garage in case your hoses outside are frozen. This way you can refill your pool as needed to prevent equipment running dry.

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